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Corporate Finance

We have been providing an extremely specialized service aimed towards developing recovery and success strategies for sick industrial units. We believe this segment represents the quick growing business area in Pakistan in view of the debt structuring and sales tax problems highlighted in our research. The business, still in its initial stages, involves analyzing and determining the best revival/liquidation strategy. We developed restructuring and industrial revival proposal for MS Bara Industries. Proposal was accepted and debt was rescheduled for it. Bara Industries is a soft drinks bottling plant located in NWFP Pakistan. Furthermore we developed a proposal for offering equity for BARA Industries to convert debt into equity. We also developed a restructuring proposal for a public limited corporation of the engineering sector. We were able to show the impact of rapidly changing government policies on the firm. We showed that policy changes over a period of six months resulted in changing the break even from 40% of capacity to over 120% of capacity resulted in change of financial institutions attitude towards the company. We also developed multiple financial analyses for projects in the Transportation sector. We developed analyses for NITS 2000 Pakistan, a transportation-consulting firm. Analysis are being reviewed by the Government of Pakistan for developing a transportation policy under the Pakistan 2010 plan headed by Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of State for Pakistan 2010 and chairman of the Planning Commission. We are also currently developing a plan for SMEDA, a small and medium size enterprise development organization for the government of Pakistan.